22.09.2017  "Drone network takes on hospital-to-hospital deliveries in Switzerland"

09.06.2017  "Report of the Working Group on mHealth assessment guidelines"

27.02.2017 "ADI: Is Europe In The Middle Of A Smartphone Divide?"

10.02.2017  "Password: “I love you”, which means that Your Heartbeat is used as a Password!"

19.01.2017  "NHS study finds mobile app improves management, quality of doctor visits for people with Parkinson's Disease"

18.01.2017  "Rumor: S Health update will add American Well, WebMD integration"

12.01.2017  "Study finds wearables may help detect serious illness"

06.01.2017  "WHO/Europe joins eHealth Week 2017"

20.12.2016  "Internet use by individuals: Almost 8 out of 10 internet users in the EU surfed via a mobile or smart phone in 2016"

25.10.2016  "Medtronic launches Android app for MiniMed Connect"

28.09.2016  "Digital health market to average 21 percent growth per year through 2020"

26.09.2016  "Apple's picks for apps for doctors, nurses, patients and medical students"

23.09.2016  "ResearchKit update: Notes from the field on trial retention, Android integration, and more"

22.09.2016  "PwC: Five forces are reshaping healthcare, and they're mainly consumer-directed"

15.09.2016  "Nearly 60 percent of US smartphone owners use phones to manage health"

09.09.2016  "PRECIOUS - New interactive app encourages users to adopt healthier lifestyles"

09.06.2016  "Public consultation on the safety of apps and other non-embedded software, 9 June 2016 – 15 September 2016"

09.06.2016  "Have your say on the safety of apps"

07.06.2016  "Code of Conduct on privacy for mHealth apps has been finalised"

01.06.2016  "From wristworn to waistworn: Samsung spins out smart belt startup Welt"

24.05.2016  "MyHealthAvatar: your digital health status through an app"

04.05.2016  "Quarterly Report for Wearable Technology"

26.04.2016  "Smartphones and wearable devices could revolutionize medical care for people with brain disorders"

21.04.2016  "Report: Number of seniors using mobile telecare systems will reach 3.4M in 2021"

14.04.2016  "Digital health accelerates in Germany"

21.03.2016  "Apple announces CareKit, an app toolkit for hospitals"

21.03.2016  "Save the date: Open stakeholder meeting on mHealth assessment guidelines"

10.03.2016  "E-health – when, not if"

18.02.2016  "Developing a Framework for Evaluating the Patient Engagement, Quality, and Safety of Mobile Health Applications"

15.02.2016  "Samsung spinoff unveils smartphone-connected fitness tracking shoes"

02.02.2016  "Gartner Says Worldwide Wearable Devices Sales to Grow 18.4 Percent in 2016"

31.01.2016  "74% of Heart Patients Say Activity Trackers Help, But Only 27% Use Them, Found HealthMine Survey"

27.01.2016  "For patients, providers, and communities, tech's biggest healthcare opportunity is still improving communication"

26.01.2016  "European Commission forms group to create guidelines for health app data quality"

26.01.2016  "Mobile diabetes intervention reduced HbA1c 2 percentage points more than standard of care"

21.01.2016  "Diabetes Management Solutions Still Considered The Number One Therapy Field Preference For App Developers"

15.01.2016  "New EU working group aims to draft guidelines to improve mHealth apps data quality"

06.01.2016  "Accenture: Just 2 percent of patients at top hospitals are using health apps provided to them"

30.10.2015  "Call for Expression of Interest: establishing a working group on mHealth assessment guidelines"

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30.07.2015  "Google Quietly Distributes New Version of Glass Aimed at Workplaces"

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03.06.2015  "Wearable Market Remained Strong in the First Quarter Despite the Pending Debut of the Apple Watch, Says IDC"

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03.03.2015  "Accenture and Amref Health Africa to Improve Healthcare Services for Hundreds of Thousands Across Africa"

02.03.2015  "Tech-Savvy Seniors Want Online Options to Access Care from Home, Accenture Survey Shows"

02.03.2015  "Acceptance Factors of Mobile Apps for Diabetes by Patients Aged 50 or Older: A Qualitative Study"

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13.02.2015  "Stanford unveils app for Apple HealthKit

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12.01.2015  "Summary Report on the Public Consultation on the Green Paper on Mobile Health" 

05.12.2014  "Mobile Health - EU-Zusammenarbeit und neue Technologie können europäisches Gesundheitswesen revolutionieren"